Dogs Chasing Cars

This has been my favourite question since I was a kid, but I’ve never received an answer to my satisfaction. Experts say that dogs (and other animals) are natural hunters and it’s their instincts that make them run behind objects that are moving away from them.  Now that one sentence can raise so many questions like, what about their sense of smell? Do dogs feel the smell of burning fuel is their prey? Or why do they not attack the prey (car) after it has stopped or if they have caught up to it? I’m sure if we have a survey, you might get hundreds of explanation for this (what I can call) phenomenon. But the answer will remain hidden from us till the day Dr. Dolittle is born.

Can You Do It?

Blogging to me doesn’t come naturally. I have to think a lot about what I write and so my blogs are spread across days, weeks, even a year as last time. But this particular one is special, because it’s based on a real incident (something that I don’t usually write). It happened just yesterday and the context was, well, very close to my heart. It’s called “Making Money”. And being related to the IT industry, my idea of making money is usually over the Internet. The reason being simple, in today’s world, it’s easier for me to convince you through technology that the products I am selling to you are world class. Not so effective in person, though I am a very good orator and presenter (not bragging but it’s true), I am just not very good looking and sexy (not bragging again).

Why So Serious Son?

In a room full of high society people, when The Joker made his entrance, as the night’s (knight’s) entertainment, the question he asked was simple – Why so serious? A question asked by a joker (played by Late Heath Ledger in the movie The Dark Knight) whose sole purpose is to put a smile on that face. But the happiness lost from the faces of those people is not something that we have not seen, in fact; we witness it almost everyday now. It’s the expression of FEAR.

Men are Simple

Just how many books are available in this world to improve your knowledge on relationships? All you need to do is Google search for “Books on Relationships”, and what you get is a huge list with titles like – “Are you the one for me?” – “How to Attract Men, And Keep Him Craving More!” – “Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!” And an all time favorite – “Relationships for Dummies”.

The Evolution of Toastmasters

For those who don’t know this, I am a member of my firm’s Toastmasters Club. A couple of days back, Toastmaster Akash approached me, and asked me to write an article which we could email to all which would encourage them to join the Toastmasters Club. To be frank, it was one of the most difficult jobs I had ever received. I thought and thought and thought, and this is what I came up with…The Evolution of Toastmasters. And I would like to narrate it to you today. Thank you for the silent encouragement.